Friday, December 24, 2010

Yummy Beer

Terrible picture, but it was dark in the room.- Anywho, this is an Anchor Small Beer. Anchor brewing is one of America's oldest breweries and this particular style is an older style of beer that doesn't get made too much these days. Basically, small beer is beer brewed using mash that has already been used to make Barley Wine (Anchor's Barley Wine is called Old Foghorn if you're interested in trying both). Barley Wine's tend to have high alcohol content with intense flavors and a hard liquory taste; not something you could drink a whole lot of. At just a hair over 3% alc. Small Beer is a whole lot weaker. Think of it as a cup of tea made with a tea bag that's already been used a few times if my explanation doesn't make sense. As far as taste - this was the first time I've had a small beer and I wasn't over or underwhelmed by the taste. So I guess this beer is very whelming. It's technically an ale because it is fermented warm, but it drinks more like a lager - crisp, with less intense flavors. It's very unoffensive to drink so I think most people would enjoy it, I just like my beer to have a little more going on. In the end - it's all beer, and it's all yummy

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