Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rex Ryan is such a good coach

"Ryan gathered his players around a hole in the ground, just off a grass practice field, and placed a football into the earth -- a game ball from Monday night's embarrassing 45-3 loss to the New England Patriots."

As a team, the Jets didn't bother to review the tape of the game, although many players watched it on their own. It didn't get any better the second or third time.

Gotta love the strategy here by Rex. These are flawless strategical tactics if you want to prepare a team for the playoffs. Honestly this must be whats going through his mind:

"We gotta put the New England game behind us. You know what we should do? Bury one of the game ball's from that massacre in a practice field near by. I doubt Sanchez will remember how terrified he was or how badly he crumbled under pressure if he has to walk by a spot in the dirt where a ceremony was held to make us 'forget' how badly we were beaten."

"I don't think we need to watch that New England tape as a team. Sure they exploited all of our flaws, and ya we'll most likely have to face them again in the playoffs if we plan on getting to the super bowl, but I just want my team to forget about it. There's nothing on that tape that can be useful to us, like how New England ripped through our defense so easily, or how Marky Mark had no idea what the hell was going on against their coverage. No, we're just gonna forget about this game and move on."

This is a great reminder of why the Jets aren't a team to worry about when Rex Ryan is coaching. I know they made a playoff run last year, but at some point Rex is going to have to realize the dumb goofy shit you do and say at practice or at a press conference doesn't translate to anything come Sunday. You think any great coach wouldn't watch that film with his team, this is coaching 101. The best time to watch film is in a bad loss. Players don't give a fuck about film when they're watching a victory, there's no point to caring- you won. Any team that wants to get better will watch a film of them getting beat on, because it shows the necessary improvements that need to be made.

On Tuesday, Ryan compared his team's plight to that of the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears, who lost a late-season Monday night game and went on to win the Super Bowl.

There's no way he can honestly think the Jets are this good right. I know this guy's a fucking idiot, but there's no way he could have honestly felt this was a reasonable comparison. A good coach would also realize that the Jets just lost their most crucial weapon they've had all season, their mouths. The Jets have backed up most of their talk this season, with the exception of course of coach Ryan's statement that Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in the league. However, after this rout, where Ryan talked shit about Brady and how he's the only person who doesn't think he's the best QB in the league, there isn't much that other teams have to take seriously when it comes to the Jets. Their coach is a joke, LT and Shonn Greene get less and less productive every week, Braylon Edwards still can't catch a pass, and their defense is weak through the air. Either way I'm sure Rex will have plenty to say come this weekend about how unbeatable the Jets are, probably guarantee a super bowl berth or something along those lines.

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