Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darren Spang has some advice for P.K Subban

I don't know how this video hasn't gotten more press. I guess it was a mistake, but you'll have trouble convincing me this word mix-up would have happened if he was talking about just about any, with the exception of like three, other players in the NHL. Let's look at that last bit from Darren Spang:

"He's full of life, full of personality, he's the gregarious sort. The more gregarious he got the more people wanted to settle him down."..."You almost feel bad for P.K cuz he's got a lot of personality, but it's time to settle down a little bit and be a pro."

I hope Spang doesn't really think he fooled anyone with this. First of all I don't he's using gregarious in it's proper context. I can't imagine how being fond of company would translate to effort in hockey games. The way I'm reading this, the NHL finally has an Ochocinco that fans can enjoy, but analysts like Darren Spang wanna keep him and his gregariousness down because its not a normal part of hockey.

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