Monday, December 27, 2010

Notre Dame and Miami Players BANNED From Mexico

EL PASO, Texas -- Players from Notre Dame and Miami will not be allowed to cross the border into one of Mexico's most dangerous cities during their free time before the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly took his team's passports before the Fighting Irish flew to El Paso as a precaution. The Hurricanes didn't bring passports, either, and met with both local law enforcement and the FBI on Sunday shortly after arriving in Texas to further underscore the potential dangers of crossing the border.

Fans from both schools have also been urged to be cautious. El Paso borders the Mexican city of Cuidad Juarez, which is wrapped in a drug war. Officials say more than 3,000 people have been killed there this year alone, and the vast majority of crimes in the city are never investigated.

I'd be willing to wager serious money that 95% of The U had there gats packed up ready to throwdown with those crazy Cuidad Juarez Mexicans before they were even on the plane to El Paso. I mean have you see the 30 for 30 on The U? This is what these dudes live for. 3,000 people already killed over the year? Michael Irvin saw that in 4 weeks of Miami night clubbin. Once again, the NCAA cracking down on something they shouldnt stick their nose into. Im actually fully confident that Miami could have single-handedly ended the drug war between the amount of money they're given weekly and the fact that they could have intimidated the shit out of those drug-lords. You haven't messed with America until you mess with the streets of Miami.

Ps. Did they really have the take Notre Dame's passport's? No chance they were coming within 300 yards of the Mexican border.

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