Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Must Watch - John Lennon's Death 30 Years Ago

Hard to argue that The Beatles were not the most influential band in history. Musically and lyrically they were far beyond any other group of their time. In their early years they completely changed how pop music was created. As they grew older, their music became more complex and a lot of the same theories they developed are still being expanded upon today. The White Album is one of my favorites of all time purely for the breadth and depth it entails. When they parted John Lennon and Paul McCartney cemented their legacy as musical genius' with individual releases. Lennon, as seen in the video, was arguably the most adored musician of all time. A week of worldwide mourning following his death was the only proper reaction anyone could justify.

Ps. We had this before Barstool. Score one for Karim Garcia.

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