Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yummy Beer

This post is about the bigger bottle pictured. I hope everyone knows what the smaller of the two tastes like. If you can't read the label clearly, this grandiose brew is made by Ipswich Ale and is called Hosiery Mill Double I.P.A. At 1.5 liters this bottle contains roughly 4.25 regular sized beers. At 9.2% alcohol it drinks like a whole lot more than 4.25 regular sized beers. I expected it to taste a lot more bitter than it did. Double I.P.A.'s basically use 50% more malt (sweet, roasty taste), and 100% more hops (bitter, fruity taste) than a single I.P.A. so I thought this beer was going to be a kick in the teeth, but it was actually pretty pleasant. You could definitely taste the extra alcohol but I didn't think it was any more bitter than your standard Sierra Nevada. Noof tried a glass and it didn't taste the way he expected either, so I don't think it was just me.
Overall- yummy beer. Only complaint is how cumbersome the bottle is. I'd much prefer it as a bomber or in a six pack so I could carry it around in my travel lunch box cooler thing. Also, you need to drink it in one sitting. Once you open it, you can't really recap it and save it for later. It's best if you share it with a couple friends so every glass poured is fresh... if you don't like to share, try your best to keep it cold and drink it fast!

and be ready for a headache- remember 9.2%!!

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