Monday, November 29, 2010

USA Women Get North Korea In World Cup!

So the Women's World Cup goups were drawn today, and as the fates would have it, The good ol' US of A is gonna duke it out with those son of a bitch North Koreans. Where better to unleash this battle of good and evil than the most anticipated event of 2011. I mean forget the Miracle on Ice, these two teams have more tension between them than Lebron and Coach Spoelstra right now. Hopefully FIFA reconsiders, because let's face it, a loss in the Women's World Cup group stage is a defeat that no country could afford to suffer, especially one trying to start beef with America and South Korea. Which brings me to my next point, South Koreans better have the next 10 planes for wherever the hell the Women's World Cup is booked to the roof to come cheer for America. I mean you want us to help you out, we better get your help in scratching out a W vs these MoFo's.
OK you know a match like this is gonna be a scrappy one. Each team has a lot of pride and a lot to prove, specifically that women's sports deserve national attention. The Americans are coming in with the #1 seed, N. Korea at #6. The Americans have a lot going for them though, with better athletes, more skilled players, freedom, and no fear of death if they lose. North Korea has an air tight discipline from years of strictly enforced government oppression.
I know one thing if I'm the American coach, I'm dropping my worst player and signing Elizabeth Lambert ASAP. This match is gonna get physical early, and we'll need a bruiser if we wanna have keep up appearances as the baddest country on the block.

My guess - USA inspires the country with a 4-0 win, giving South Korea and the US the spark they need to take out a newly deflated North Korea

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