Monday, November 29, 2010

A note on movie reviews

As you, the avid reader of Who are you, Karim Garcia? are well aware, this blog has historically been sports oriented. While our roots remain intact, we feel it would behoove us to branch out and cover more than just a bunch of overpaid fit men running around, strutting their stuff for the camera for millions of viewers. So I will be conducting film reviews, to either praise or pan the latest work from… uh, a bunch of overpaid fit men strutting their stuff in front of the camera for millions. It is my hope to conduct a few reviews a week in a couple of different categories. They are as follows:

1) The oldie but goodie (or it might suck) – I will find a flick that could be reasonably considered “old” and tell you what I thought of it. It may be a “classic” that very well deserves its praise (The Third Man, 1949, Carol Reed) or one that doesn’t (The Snake Pit, 1948, Anatole Litvak).

2) Playing now – Because I’m broke as a joke, it may not be playing now, but it will be relatively new. Basically, in this section, you can find out before wasting a day that James Cameron’s 2009 epic Avatar drowned in its own hype. Conversely, I hope to expose you to films like David Michôd’s Australian crime story, Animal Kingdom, which was one of the best flicks of 2010, though you probably hadn’t heard of it.

3) Where the hell did that come from? - Here, my intentions are simple. Chances are, you haven’t heard of the flicks I’ll talk about here. No time period limitations or anything like that. There are far too many hidden gems in the world that have gone unrecognized for too long. Those films are about to receive a Karim Garcia endorsement in this section.

I also might ignore all of these categories and talk about a flick that doesn’t necessarily fit into any of them. If you agree or disagree with my take on a movie, let me know. If you have a movie in mind that, gosh darn it, you just need to know my take on it, let me know.

I should note, I have not studied film extensively, but have had a life long interest. So fear not. You will not find boring jargon and over analysis – just a casual take from a self proclaimed cinephile.

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