Monday, November 29, 2010

Hold The Phone! Topanga Lawrence Is Not Dead!!!

HOLY MOTHER Topanga Lawrence is alive! Seriously though where was this chick for the past 9 years? Boy Meets World might have been the most iconic TV show ever aired. If you didn't watch this show on ABC TGIF every friday night throughout the late 90s you must not have had television. Regardless, it seems as though all those kids careers are in a porto-potty tank at this point. Best thing for any of them to do right now is make a porno. Who wouldn't watch Topanga and Corey get it on in a hotel room in Miami? If the answer isn't every person under the age of 25 I've lost all faith in humanity. Count me in with a box of tissues and some Jergens.

PS. Toddlers & Tiara's might be composed of the most worthless human beings outside of 16 and pregnant. Thus, it might be must watch television. This lass Mckenzie already knows this will be the most triumphant moment of her life and she's taking full advantage.

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