Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wake Up and Drink.....but don't actually

I was reading waykg the other day and realized that I am far and away the worst writer on the site. If you don't believe me read my old beer posts and check how many times I use the same word in one sentence, or even across two or's bad. I'm going to start by blaming the subject matter. I usually post after having drank the beer I'm talking there's that. Also the rest of these fools are still in college, and I can barely remember how to write my name since graduating 6 months ago. So sue me.

On to the beer! I have such a hard-on for anything Clown Shoes does. The first of their series I tried was the "Hoppy Feet" Black IPA. They made this "Hoppy Feet 1.5" in honor of their first anniversary. As you could probably guess from the label, this edition has 1.5 times more alcohol than the regular, and from what I remember - loads more flavor. Black IPA's have only been around since the early 90's; invented by this dude up in Vermount. The style uses roasted malts for the dark color - like a stout or porter, and plenty of Cascade hops from northern california to retain some of the hoppy taste and smell signature to IPA's. Another name for Black IPA's is Cascadian Dark Ale, in reference to the area the hops are grown.

This was the first thing I drank New Years Eve night and wow. It was love at first sip...maybe even sniff. You taste all the loveliness of a Guiness plus the punch of an IPA (which happens to be my favorite style of beer.) It really is the best of both worlds, and an awesome option if you're a fan of either style looking for something interesting to try. The best part is that you can barely taste the high alcohol percentage. There isn't a liquory feel to it like most strong ales, so it is very easy too enjoy.

Overall- the Yummiest Yummy Beer of my new year!

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