Monday, January 17, 2011

I hate losing

I hate losing. I really do. I'm usually very amicable (I swear) but when I'm doing anything competitive I'm just a monster. I gloat when I win, I pout when I lose. I nudge the ball forward for some extra yards in two hand touch and I'll elbow you on the way to the basket in some two on two. This week in my head-to-head fantasy hoops league I found myself down 2000 points. Usually I wouldn't panic, but there were only two Sunday games, and I had no players on the four teams in action, meaning a garunteed loss for me. So, I had to get my Pat Riley on and somehow salvage my week. I used the last four matchup acquisitions I had available to get players from the clippers, lakers, nuggets and spurs (the only four teams playing) from the waiver wire and hoped it would be enough to make up for the points I was trailing by and also the numbers Tim Duncan and Nene Hilario were going go put up for my opponent. Sunday night on my way to sleep I checked the final score for the week, and I barley squeaked by with a win, bringing my record to 8-2. I just want to give myself a round of applause for my great job this week and pretty much all the time (feel free to join me.) My compete level is at a constant 10, and my will to win (not the skill of any professional basketball players) got Team teach me how to dougie a come from behind win.

I know not all of new england's team won this Sunday, but I hope that my victory can be a little pick-me-up this Monday morning.

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